Brain Injury Program

The Brain Injury Program at TIRR Memorial Hermann is nationally recognized center of excellence and has recently undergone a change of leadership. The Brain Injury Program is directed by physicians who specialize in physiatry and have extensive experience in brain injury rehabilitation. Our brain injury rehabilitation unit accommodates patients at every stage of rehabilitation, including those who are in coma or who are in a disoriented or agitated state that requires a formally structured environment.

Brain Injury & Stroke Program at TIRR Memorial Hermann

An injury to the brain can occur as the result of trauma, a tumor, or a disease. Another leading cause of injury is stroke. Regardless of the cause, however, significant changes often occur in language, memory, thinking, behavior and personality. TIRR Memorial Hermann's Brain Injury and Stroke Program maximizes a patient's outcome by providing specialized medical management, nursing, and therapy services in a hospital setting. Individual therapy, group treatment, and community outings address the patient's functional abilities.

Comprehensive interdisciplinary care provides reinforcement of treatment goals throughout the day for patients at all functioning levels. TIRR Memorial Hermann provides support groups, counseling, and individualized training to prepare families and caregivers for taking on the additional responsibilities of caring for the patient upon discharge.

Recovery from brain injury or stroke does not end when the person is discharged from the inpatient program. It continues long after the individual returns to home and to the community. The Brain Injury and Stroke Day Hospital Program allows the patient and family to transition from the hospital setting to home while continuing to provide intense therapy services and medical monitoring. Referrals are also made to appropriate residential or outpatient programs. Stroke and brain injury support groups, counseling, education, and individualized training prepare families and caregivers for discharge as well.

The Brain Injury Research Center of TIRR Memorial Hermann is currently funded by three grants from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research including designation as a Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Community Integration of Persons with TBI. The program is CARF accredited.

To learn more about brain injury and stroke rehabilitation and how you can participate in TIRR Memorial Hermann's acclaimed Brain Injury and Stroke Program, call (713) 797-5942.



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