Medical Student Education

The University of Texas-Houston Medical School Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is involved with undergraduate medical education from the student’s first year in medical training. The faculty participates in the anatomy course which presents to the first year students clinical correlates of the unique problems faced by patients with disabilities both within the hospital environment and the community.

The UTHMS/BCM PM&R Alliance offers eleven different clinical electives. Inpatient and outpatient clerkships are available in both academic (private, governmental, and public) and private practice settings. Elective clerkships include Diagnosis and Treatment of Neuromusculoskeletal Disorders (BCM, UTHMS), Pediatric Rehabilitation (BCM), Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury (BCM, UTHMS), Rehabilitation Medicine (BCM), Physical Medicine/Private Practice Rotation (BCM), Research (BCM, UTHMS), Sports Medicine (BCM), Cancer Pain Management and Cancer Rehabilitation (BCM, UTHMS), Amputee (UTHMS), and Stroke (UTHMS). Additionally, independent study courses are offered for students with unique clinical or research interests. Faculty members of the UTHMS/BCM PM&R Alliance, as well as residents, fellows, and staff, are always willing to discuss PM&R with interested students. Every attempt is made to accommodate the varied needs and interests of students.

Medical Student Coordinator: Pia Hughes, 713-799-5034

Continuing Medical Education

The UTHMS/BCM PM&R Alliance offers a variety of postgraduate courses. Some of these, geared to the resident level, have traditionally been open to physicians in nearby training programs, such as San Antonio, Dallas, and New Orleans. Courses provide Category I Continuing Medical Education Credit (CME). Courses feature both local and nationally renowned specialists in the topic areas. Courses include the Comprehensive Board Review, William A. Spencer, M.D. Lectureship and the Lewis A. Leavitt, M.D. Memorial Lectureship. The Comprehensive Board Review Course has been offered annually since 1967.  This nine-day course draws an audience of over 175 and offers an extensive review of the basic and clinical concepts of physical medicine and rehabilitation to those preparing for board examinations or seeking an update in the field.

Continuing Medical Education Coordinator: Pia Hughes, 713-799-5034

Alliance Monthly Events

Grand Rounds are held monthly

For more information, contact our UT/BCM Alliance PM&R Education Office 713-799-5033.