platelet-derived growth factor COL18A1 NRCAM COL7A1 SP1 catenin thrombin integrin RAC1 TIAM1 RAS small monomeric GTPase TNFRSF6 integrin Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase PKC LPA ARK5 RAC2 HNRPC GYPC DSP ADH5 PFKFB3 MAPK1 SRC AKAP12 MMP14 HNMT DAF TGFB1 SGK NEDD4 CD44 COMP MT1A INS IL1B EGR1 AKT1

FIGURE 3B. Analysis for common regulators.  First 71 genes differentially expressed during class comparisons was used in this analysis (nominal p=0.006). PathwayAssist (Ariadne Genomics, Rockville, MD) a software tool for biological pathway analysis was used. It relies on ResNet, a database specifically targeted at the extracting data from the language of scientific abstracts from PubMed in order to identify relationships among genes, visualize pathways, gene regulation networks and protein interactions. This analysis used ResNet 3.0 (Medline August, 24,2004). To simplify the network, genes that could not be linked together were removed. Genes that are increased in SSc fibroblasts are colored red, and genes that are decreased colored pink. Genes that  inserted by Pathway Assist to link the genetic networks are colored gray. The boxes on the arrows are hyperlinks indicating relationships of the genes and targets.