The Hyperthermia Laboratory has approximately 400 square feet of dedicated laboratory space, divided into three appropriately equipped rooms which serve as (i) a tissue culture laboratory with tissue culture hood, (ii) an in vivo/hyperthermia treatment/ radioactive materials laboratory with fume hood, and (iii) a general wet/chemical laboratory with fume hood. Specialized equipment includes an insulated water bath with a heater/circulator for hyperthermia treatment, a 12 channel tele-thermometry system with thermocouple probes for temperature measurement, small animal inhalation anesthesia apparatus, a solid-state gamma ray detector with multi-channel analyser for radioactive uptake measurements, and a stereo zoom microscope for small animal surgery and dissection. A water-jacketed double incubator is dedicated to hyperthermia of tissue cultures, while another incubator is used for in vitro culture work. The laboratories are also equipped with standard general laboratory equipment such as balances, centrifuges, microscopes, pH meters, etc. Use is made of core facilities in the building such as the Animal Care Facility, cold rooms, ultracentrifuges, sterilization facilities, and biological/chemical supply stocks. We are also privileged to use specialized equipment in the laboratories of our on-campus collaborators at the University of Texas Medical School, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and Baylor College of Medicine.

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