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Welcome to UCSC

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston is a comprehensive health science university comprised of six schools, four institutes and several centers that, through their collective works, support the mission of this institution.

Our vision is to recognize all classified staff as important in achieving the university’s mission and vision. We earn institutional respect by providing opportunities for classified staff to develop themselves and mentor others to achieve excellence as individuals and as an institution. We exemplify the qualities of collegiality, creativity, professionalism, compassion, cultural diversity and leadership so that all members grow and guide the institution toward becoming an acknowledged leader in education, research, and clinical care, as well as institutional and community involvement. We enthusiastically define and resolve problems, and represent classified staff at all levels of the university and participate as a team to bring about positive change.

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UCSC Educational Awards make big difference to students.
See article.
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Annual Star Awards, now on two days. So many people now receiving recognition that the event is now broken into two days, and UCSC was there to lend a hand for the event. Photos from Day 1

Annual Workshop – was a great success. Find out the particulars and look at photos from the event.

– The Winter 2014 Newsletter is now available online.
Also, you may submit requests and/or announcements for to ucsc@uth.tmc.edu

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