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UCSC Educational Award Program




First Place Poornima Tamma
Second Place Angela Feng
Third Place Sean Patel
Third Place Alexander Liapis
Fourth Place Alice Tran
Fifth Place Charng-Shin Abigail Wong





First Place Rachel Hamby
First Place Rachel E. Beck
Second Place Laura Beth Adams Second Place Nana Ofori
Third Place Marvin Thomas, Jr.
Third Place Melanie Garza
Fourth Place Tate Smith Fourth Place Trevor Schnupp
Fourth Place Alice Tran
Fourth Place Haiyin Wang





First Place Renee Zhan
First Place Henry He
Second Place Stacey Lau
Second Place Barbara Berkova
Second Place Shaina Gong
Second Place Lily Huang
Third Place Robin Thomas
Third Place Kaycee Dillon
Third Place Virginia Lowe
Third Place Louis Monroe
Fourth Place Vignesh Pandurengan
Fourth Place Sarah Beck
Fourth Place Elizabeth Kuncewicz





First Place Vincent Lau
First Place Amit Desi
Second Place William Flato
Second Place Devon Kirby
Second Place Stacia Danesak
Third Place Chelsea Lyons
Third Place Chenyu Zhao
Fourth Place Phillip Jablonski
Third Place Christina Huynh Nguyen
Fifth Place Christian Kelly
Fourth Place Bernadette Baker
Sixth Place Taylor Tapscott
Fourth Place John Nelson Adams





First Place Nancy Huang First Place Richard Post
Second Place Shan Jiang Second Place Richard Colunga
Third Place Emily Baddock Third Place Adelina Solis
  Patricia Wright Fourth Place Edward Jablonski
  Allison Podbielski Fifth Place Kathlynn Russo
Fourth Place Leah Glaser   Lauren Sponberg
Fifth Place Bryan Collins Sixth Place Kimberly Marchand
Sixth Place Belgin Palaz   Renna Spencer-Carter





First Place Ashley Jene't Ardoin    
Second Place Daniel Nham    
Third Place Bradley Shaw    
Fourth Place Lynissa Hayes    
Fifth Place Lonnie Justin Henderson    
Mike Jimenez Award Ashley Jene't Ardoin