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Who We Are

The UCSC membership consists of: elected representatives from each operating unit; one member appointed by the President; one member appointed by the Affirmative Action Officer (currently shared by two individuals); and additional ex-officio members.

Members must be full-time classified employees who have fulfilled the obligations of their probationary employment period.

Why We're Here

The UCSC will advise the President and the Executive Council on matters of importance to classified employees of The University of Texas Houston Health Science Center including, but not limited to, the following:

What We Do


on other councils, committees and teams
Fun Fest, a university-wide, all inclusive celebration
Staff Development Brown Bag
Sick Leave Pool and Definition
Star Awards - annual recognition ceremony and luncheon
Newsletters - current newsletter is online and address your questions as they are posed

Pictures and Events

2014 Classified Staff Workshop
2013 Classified Staff Workshop
2012 Classified Staff Workshop
2011 Classified Staff Workshop (if you have photos from UCSC 2011, please contact us)
2010 Classified Staff Workshop (if you have photos from UCSC 2010, please contact us)
2009 Classified Staff Workshop
2008 Classified Staff Workshop (if you have photos from UCSC 2008, please contact us)
2007 Classified Staff Workshop
2006 Classified Staff Workshop
2005 Classified Staff Workshop

Feel free to check out our bylaws and list of representatives.