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The mission of the integrated urology residency program at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) Medical School is the production of skilled urologists trained for urology in the future, rather than for urology as it is currently practiced. In order to produce excellent urologists, the program must incorporate clinical and basic research, and inculcate in the residents an appreciation for research, the scientific method, and the desire to question conventional wisdom. The resident scholar needs to question why we do things rather than concentrate on "how" we do things.


bedsideTeaching at UTHealth Medical School is done at the "bedside", or in a more formal setting. Both methods are useful, but there is no substitute for broad supervised clinical exposure, or bedside teaching. As a result of clinical teaching and exposure, the resident scholar is expected to gather appropriate information, collate and process data toward a working diagnosis, explain the pathophysiologic processes underlying the diagnosis, disease or injury, and formulate a treatment plan.

These basic skills in patient care must be mastered before surgical and other technical skills can be effectively utilized for the benefit of patients. It is the philosophy of the UTHealth program that the surgical operation is less important than the reason(s) why the operation is done, and knowledge about the disease the operation is intended to treat. Treatments change, disease processes do not.

Didactic teaching takes place in conferences at Memorial Hermann-TMC and MD Anderson in conjunction with resident and faculty personnel whose primary duty location is other than those 2 facilities. Residents and faculty are expected to attend.

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