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Global Health Fellowship


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Program Structure

The UTHealth-LSTM Global Health Fellowship is an innovative collaboration between two internationally acclaimed teaching institutions interested in educating the next generation of leaders in global health and emergency medicine.

Designed as a 1-year program, the fellowship offers an exciting combination of clinical work at one of Houston’s largest county hospitals, protected time for fieldwork in Southeast Asia, and a clinically-relevant advanced degree through the internationally-acclaimed Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the United Kingdom.

DTM&H Degree

The Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) is a highly intensive programme of formal lectures, practicals and seminars aimed at:

  1. Understanding the importance of the social, cultural and economic setting of people and communities in the planning and implementation of health services and disease control.
  2. Diagnosing and treat patients suffering from the major parasitic and communicable diseases of the tropics.
  3. Identifying stages of parasites important in the diagnosis of tropical disease.
  4. Recognizing the main genera of insect vectors of disease and understand their behaviour sufficiently to discuss control methods intelligently.
  5. Understanding the principles of epidemiology and control as applied to a range of diseases highly prevalent in the tropics.
  6. Identifying the health needs of a community and discuss ways of improving health at village and district level.

The course is structured in a 3-month block from early February to early May and qualifies its participants to sit for the certification exam offered by the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH).

A detailed description of the LSTM DTM&H Curriculum is available here.

All fellows accepted to the UTHealth-LSTM program are enrolled in the LSTM program with a university-supported application. Tuition and travel expenses will be covered by fellowship. The fellow will be responsible for housing and board while in the UK (housing estimated at $1000 monthly).

Fellowship Training

Fellows will receive an appointment at the Clinical Instructor level at UTHealth and will be expected to attend in the Emergency Department for 7 months (approximately fourteen 8-hour shifts per month).  They will oversee the Global Health Scholars Program for house staff, engage as a mentor in the Global Health Concentration for medical students, and participate in all the activities of the Division of Global Health in advancing its status as a humanitarian research unit within the University.

At the conclusion of the fellowship, the fellow will be able to:
1.  Independently build a global health infrastructure for institutions that are new to the field.
2.  Design and implement a field research project of publishable quality.
3.  Supervise students and house staff in field sites.
4.  Present a Grand Rounds lecture on their area of interest within global health.
5.  Obtain certification in Tropical Medicine through the ASTMH exam.
6.  Provide didactic lectures on relevant topics in Global Health to house staff.

Clinical Duties 

The Lyndon Baines Johnson General Hospital is one of two large county hospitals serving the City of Houston and Harris County with its population of 6 million.  There are in excess of 80,000 annual visits to the newly constructed state-of-the-art Emergency Department, completed in early 2014.  The fellow will be a board certified or board eligible graduate of an emergency medicine residency program, and will be responsible for supervising residents and mid-level providers in the ED. 

The fellow will be assigned full-time clinical duties in the ED as an Attending Physician while not on field assignment or in the DTM&H course.  This entails approximately fourteen 8-hour shifts for 7 months of the year. The fellow will be responsible for attending all departmental and divisional meetings during the months they are working in the ED.  They will also receive an appointment at the University of Texas at Houston as a Clinical Instructor.

Current Field Sites

Fiji Islands

In collaboration with the Fiji Ministry of Health and Fiji National University, we are interested in developing cost-effective systems of care for decompensated non-communicable disease (namely STEMI and Stroke) in the South Pacific -- a region in pandemic for heart disease and diabetes by the United Nations General Assembly.  Our residents and faculty staff the Emergency Department at Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva, the largest tertiary civilian hospital in the South Pacific, as well as Labasa Divisional Hospital on Vanua Levu.  Our faculty serve in the educational leadership of the Postgraduate Diploma in EM in Fiji, a training program designed to replicate the US emergency medicine internship year.

CWM Hospital

Sara Miller MD teaches ultrasound at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital, Suva, Fiji


Our faculty have a longstanding relationship with the Kwai River Christian Hospital in Huay Ma Lai in western Thailand.  This is one of two tertiary referral centers for patients along the 2400 km Thai-Burma border.  The hospital is run by a full-time surgeon from Scotland and an excellent cadre of nurses.  There is a large tuberculosis project with an associated sanitarium attached to the hospital that is funded by the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.  In addition, there are ongoing research projects on malaria surveillance and therapy in conjunction with the US-Thai Armed Forces Research Institute for Medical Sciences (AFRIMS). 

KRC Hospital

Medical ward at Kwai River Christian Hospital, Sangklaburi, Thailand


Through a partnership with the Mon National Health Committee, UTHealth EM is interested in long-term capacity building of medical providers in Mon State’s network of remote jungle hospitals.  This is a region of extraordinary infectious disease pathology with XDR tuberculosis and malaria as well as endemic dengue.  We are fortunate to be able to send residents and faculty to rotate at the Japanese Well Hospital, and envision training a cadre of Burmese providers to care for their regional health care needs.  The hospital’s remote geographic location has allowed it to emerge as an ideal site for Wilderness Medicine projects and pathology.

JW Hospital

Penetrating trauma at the Japanese Well Hospital in Burma



Global Health Scholars Program (GHSP) for Residents

Residents at UTHealth are able to utilize their 2nd and 3rd year elective months for EM rotations at any of the field sites within the Division of Global Health.  The fellow will be expected to participate in the planning of resident electives and assist in direct supervision and evaluation of residents on assignment in field sites.


GHSP resident Mary Chang prepares a malaria smear in the field


Global Health Concentration (GHC) for Medical Students

This is a longitudinal 4-year experience for medical students starting with a core lecture
series in their first year, followed by an experiential trip abroad or within Texas in their second year, and culminating in a fourth year capstone project in the field.  Fellows will serve as mentors to students in the GHC and provide didactics and lectures.

KRC Hospital

Trauma patient in the ED at Kwai River Christian Hospital, Thailand


Research & Scholarship
The fellow will be expected to generate a novel research hypothesis and a project of publishable quality.  Divisional funds are available to assist with project initiation.  However, the fellow will be expected to competitively apply for extramural funding. 

Upon return from the DTM&H course and field assignment, the fellow will deliver a Grand Rounds lecture for the Department of Emergency Medicine on the highlights of their research. 



Rohith R. Malya, MD MSc
Director, Global Health Fellowship

Amy S. Noland, MD
Assistant Director, Global Health Fellowship

Division of Global Health
Department of Emergency Medicine
6431 Fannin St, JJL 435
Houston, Texas 77030
(713) 500-7863


Thai Field Surgeon Sakda Netek with Fellowship Director Rohith Malya MD MSc, Thailand