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Disruptive Visitors


Date of Last Review 07/17/12

Date of Last Review 10/26/11
SME: Director of Admissions

UTHCPC removes disruptive visitors whose behavior interferes with the safe and proper functioning of the facility.

Definition: visitor

Any individual not formally admitted into the hospital, including any UTHCPC employee on facility property during non-work scheduled hours.

Disruptive behavior

UTHCPC considers a visitor's behavior disruptive when s/he does any of the following:

Threatens the safety or security of any individual

Threatens to damage property

Damages property

Any other behavior having the potential to jeopardize UTHCPC operation

Result: UTHCPC Security removes disruptive visitors in any manner the security officer deems appropriate.

Disruptive behavior response sequence

The table below describes the response sequence to disruptive behavior caused by a visitor within the hospital:

IF disruptive behavior is caused by a visitor...

THEN immediately notify...

Who is not dangerous

The visitor about the behavior, providing an explanation of the caution in a courteous manner.

Note: If disruption occurs on the units, the clinical staff may provide the explanation.

Who is dangerous to self or others

Whose behavior continues/escalates after verbal caution

Security for assistance and provide this information:

Location of disturbance

Name and location of caller

Nature of disturbance

Number of individuals involved

Related Standard

The Joint Commission: Management of the Environment of Care

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