Current Group Members

Alemayehu Gorfe

Alemayehu Gorfe, PhD (Biochemistry, University of Zurich)
Principal Investigator (Google Scholar Profile)

Room: MSB 4.108
Phone: 713-500-7538

Priyanka P. Srivastava

Priyanka (Pri) Prakash, PhD (Biological Sciences and Bioengineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur)
Instructor: Allostery and drug-membrane interactions

Room: MSB 4.107
Phone: 713-500-6877


Cynthia Pagba, PhD (Chemistry, Rutgers University)
Research Scientist: Biophysics of protein-ligand interactions

Room: MSB 4.304
Phone: 713-500-6877


Vinay Nair, MSc
Graduate Student: Modeling transmembrane potential

Room: MSB 4.304
Phone: 713-500-6877

Former Group Members

  1. Dr Amit Gupta, 2015-2019: Currently Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Houston.
  2. Tia Lal, 2018 (summer): Currently at the University of Houston.
  3. Andrew Mu, 2018 (summer): Currently at Rice University.
  4. Zuhal Ozcan 2017-2018: Currently GSBS graduate student.
  5. Nabina Paudyal 2015-2017: Currently GSBS graduate student.
  6. Dr Suparna Sarkar-Banerjee, 2015-2018: Currently Postdoctoral Research Associate at Rice University.
  7. Dr Mechael McCarthy, 2013-2018: Currently Research Associate at Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.
  8. Dr Xubo Lin, 2014-2017: Currently Associate Professor at Beihang University, Beijing, China.
  9. Matthew Holcombe, 2017 (summer): Currently student at Rice University.
  10. Yash Lagisetty, 2016 (summer): Currently MDPhD candidate at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston and MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.
  11. John Rogers, 2015 (summer): Currently MD candidate at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston.
  12. Kalkidan Getahun, 2015 (summer): Currently Neuroscience undergraduate at John Hopkins University.
  13. Dr Zhenlong LI, 2011-2015: currently Researcher Associate at Cornell University, NY.
  14. Dr Daniel Erenso (2009): currently Professor of Physics at MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN.
  15. Dr Abdallah Sayyed-Ahmad (2009-2010, 2014-2017): Currently Associate Professor of Physics, Birzeit Univertsity
  16. Dr Lorant Janosi, 2009-2010: subsequently Senior Researcher at the National Institute for Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, Cluj, Romania.
  17. Dr Ming Han, 2011: current position N/A.
  18. Dr Priyanka Srivastava Prakash, 2010-2011: currently Postdoctoral Fellow in our lab.
  19. Dr Hualin Li, 2011-2014: currently at CUNY, Dept of Computer Science, New York, NY.
  20. Dr Harrison Hocker, 2009-2014 (rotation; PhD student): currently Programer with GE Capital, New Orleans, LA.
  21. Nandini Rambahal, 2011-2013 (rotation; MSc student): currently Chemistry Instructor, NJ.
  22. Michael McCarthy, 2014 (rotation): currently graduate student in our laboratory.
  23. Ruonan Zhao, 2014 (summer): current position N/A
  24. Drew Dolino, 2013 (rotation): currently graduate student in Jayaraman laboratory.
  25. Kelsey Maxwell, 2013 (rotation): currently graduate student in Hancock laboratory.
  26. Kevin Zhu, 2011 undergraduate (summer): currently GSBS graduate student.
  27. Dr Viralkumar Patel, 2009 (rotation): current position N/A.
  28. Neal Thakar, 2009 undergraduate (summer): current position N/A.