News Archive

February 2018

Suparna Sarkar-Banerjee accepted a new position at Rice University. Congratulations!

February 2018

Mike McCarthy succesfully defended his PhD thesis Congratulations Mike!

September 2017

A paper by Suparna, Abdallah and Pri accepted for publication in JACS. Congratulations!

August 2017

Xubo Lin accepted a faculty position at Beihang University in Beijing. Congratulations Xubo!

July 2017

Nabina successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations!

May 2017

Abdallah and Pri's paper accepted in Proteins. Congratulations!

Welcome to Vinay and Zuhal!

March 2017

Abdallah's paper accepted in JCTC. Congratulations!

January 2017

We welcome graduate students Vinay Nair and Zuhal Ozcan to the group!

December 2016

Pri, Abdallah and Jin's paper accepted in Sci Rep. Congratulations!

December 2016

Yong and Pri's paper published in Cell. Congratulations!

News Release from the UTHealth Communications Office upon the paper's publication on Decemeber 29, 2016

See also a highlight/summary at the American Association for Cancer Research

October 2016

Xubo's paper accepted in JBCP. Congratulations!

September 2016

Xubo's paper accepted in FEBS Letters. Congratulations!

August 2016

We welcome our new colleague Dr Cynthia Pagba, who comes to us from Georgia Tech.

May 2016

2016 Dean's Teaching Excellence Award!

Congratulations to Pri on her first place Dean’s Excellence in Research Postdoctoral Award

April 2016

Congratulations to Mike McCarthy on his award winning presentation at the CRB retreat.

Abdallah's accepted in JPCB. Congratulations!

March 2016

Pri's paper published in BJ, and is highlighted as “New and Notable”; see the accompanying article by Prof M. Buck and colleagues

Dec 2015

Xubo's paper published in BJ. Congratulations!

Oct 2015

Mike and Pri's review article published in ABBS. Congratulations!

Pri and Abdallah's paper published in PLoS Conput Biol. Congratulations!

August 2015

Graduate student Nabina Paudyal joins our group. Welcome!

May 2015

Cover image in Proteins. Congratulations, Pri!

Welcome to John Rogers and Kalkidan Getahun, who will do summer research in our group.

April 2015

Welcome to our new colleagues Amit Gupta and Suparna Sarkar!

March 2015

Congratulations to Zhenlong Li, who is now Research Associate at Cornell University.

January 2015
October 2014

Abdallah Sayyed-Ahmad rejoins our group as a Research Scientist. Welcome!

Xubo Lin joins our group for his postdoctoral training. Welcome!

June 2014

Feature Article on work from our group at the Texas Advanced Computing Center Website

May 2014

Congratulations to Priyanka Prakash on winning -- for the third year in a row -- an award for her poster presentation at the 18th Sealy Center Structural Biology Symposium in Galveston, TX.

We welcome Michael McCarthy, who joins the group for his PhD thesis on structure-based drug design combining experimental and computational approaches.

Harrison Hocker accepted a position at GE Capital in New Orleans, LA.

March 2014

Michael McCarthy joins our group for his third rotation. Welcome!

February 2014

Harrison Hocker successfully defended his PhD thesis on 2/24/2014.Congratulations!

November 2013

Congratulations to Priyank Prakash on winning second place award in the Keck Annual Research Confernece poster competition.

October 2013

Congratulations to Harrison Hocker on winning third place award in the GSEC poster competition at the Medical School Retreat.

July 2013

Alex Gorfe profiled on the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology website

June 2013

Our paper highlighted in Science-Business eXchange – Nature (see link and Box 1 in here)

May 2013

Alex Gorfe received 2012-2013 Dean's Teaching Excellence Award.

Nandini Rambahal successfully defended her masters thesis on May 28. Congratulations!.

Congratulations to Priyanka Prakash and Zhenlong Li on their first and second place awards for their poster presentation at this years Sealy Center Structure Biology Symposium in Galveston.

April 2013

Congratulations to Harrison Hocker on his second place win for best graduate student oral presentation at this year's CRB rereat.

Congratulations to Zhenlong Li on his second place win for best postdoc oral presentation at this year's CRB retreat.

March 2013

Drew Dolino joins our group as rotation student. Welcome Drew!.

January 2013

Congratulations to Lorant Janosi, a former postdoc in the lab, on his appointment as Senior Researcher at the National Institute for Research and Development of Isotope and Molecular Technologies of Romania.

Kelsey Maxwell joins our group for her second rotation. Welcome Kelsey!.

Congratulations to Harrison and Nandini on winning GSBS travel awards to present their work at the upcoming American Chemical Society National Meeting in New Orleans.

December 2012

Congratulations to Zhenlong on his UTHealth Innovation for Cancer Research Postdoctoral Fellowship award (sponsored by CPRIT).

November 2012

Congratulations to Nandini on winning a travel award from the Biophysical Society to present her work at the next BPS meeting in Philadelphia.

October 2012

Congratulations to Zhenlong on winning a prize for his poster presentation at the 22nd Keck Annual Research Conference in Houston.

September 2012

Congratulations to Priyanka on her postdoctoral fellowship award from the Computational Cancer Biology Training Program (sponsored by CPRIT)

August 2012

Congratulations to Nandini on winning a fellowship from the NBCR Summer Institute and her third place poster award

An RO1 award from the NIH for our "protein nanoclustering" project

June 2012

Our group's research activities highlighted in the IBP Newsletter

Congratulations to Harrison and Nandini on their GSBS travel award.

April 2012

Congratulations to Hualin, Zhenlong and Priyanka who have won awards for their poster presentation at the Sealy Center Structural Biology Symposium in Galveston!

Aug 2011

Hualin Li joins us as postdoctoral fellow. Welcome Hualin!

May 2011

Priyanka P. Srivastava successfully defended her thesis at IIT Kanpur.

Priyanka rejoins our group as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome Pri!

Welcome to Nandini Maharaj, who joins our group as a graduate student.

March 2011

Congratulations to Harrison Hocker on winning the GCC-Pharmacological Sciences Training Program grant.

February. 2011

We welcome Ming Han to the group.

Jan. 2011

We welcome Zhenlong Li to the group.

Oct. 2010

We welcome Priyanka P. Srivastava to the group

Sept. 2010

Congratulations to Lorant Janosi, who has moved on to the University of Cagliari with the prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship.

Aug. 2010

Congratulations to Abdallah Sayyed-Ahmad, who has moved on to his new position as Assistant Professor of Physics at Birzeit University.