American Medical Women's Association at UT-Houston


This AMWA chapter is dedicated to fulfilling our national mission statement in a variety of ways. Our lunchtime meetings feature female physicians addressing issues such as how to balance your personal life and professional career, how to maintain your professionalism in medicine, how to attain a competive residency, and more.

Because these topics transcend genders, WE WELCOME MEN! After all even male doctors will have female patients, so there's a lot to learn for both sexes. Free lunch is provided for all members.


Come sign up for one of the most fun and rewarding service projects ever, the Mr. UT-Houston Man-Pagent!

The AMWA proceeds from this project will benefit a local women's shelter. This year, we are spicing things up with a faculty auction hosted by the American Medical Students Association at UT-Houston.

You can get sign up to participate, fundraise, organize, decorate, and perform! There's something for everyone, so don't be shy. Contact Molly or Emily about how you can show some love and respect to damsels in distress!

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