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Translating Nutrient Guidelines and Information into Dietary/Food Guidelines (Population Based Public Health Nutrition)

This section of the module will help you translate the basic science of nutrition reviewed in the previous section into the US Dietary Guidelines.† The US Dietary Guidelines were designed as population based public health nutrition recommendations and should be viewed as such.


At the end of this section, you should be able to:

  1. Identify the most common nutrition related health problems among Americans.
  2. Calculate a body mass index for a given individual and assess chronic disease risk.
  3. Define food insecurity and describe at least 2 government programs designed to address this problem.
  4. Identify the seven US Dietary Guidelines used by American public health nutrition policy makers.
  5. Describe the links between the basic science nutrition evidence and each dietary guideline.
  6. Identify at least 2 community intervention chronic disease risk reduction research trials that have strong nutrition components.

First, letís take a look at the most common nutrition related health problems among Americans.†

Many of the nutrition-related diseases in the US are problems of excess Ė obesity, hypertension, diabetes.† Americans certainly have a varied diet, but moderation is not a word most people understand when it comes to food.


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