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The 7th Annual H-GEC Interdisciplinary Student Team Competition, January - April 2014

Team C.H.A.N.G.E. (Changing, Honoring, Advocating, Noble Geriatric Educators) won the Fifth Annual H-GEC Interdisciplinary Student Team Competition. Members are (from left to right): Jeffrey Chen (UTHealth, Dental Hygiene), Sitara Joseph (UTHealth, Public Health), George Huang (Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine), LaShana Mims (UH, Social Work), Margaret Peggy Blake, PhD (UH, Faculty Liaison), Lindsey Rucker (UH, Communication/Speech), Claire Rosenkild (UH, Communication/Speech), Krystal Lutz (TWU, Physical Therapy), and Kathleen Nguygen, Team Leader (TWU, Occupational Therapy).

The Seventh Annual Geriatric Interprofessional Student Competition took place on Monday, April 7, 2014 at the Denton A. Cooley Center in Houston, Texas. Dr. George Stancel, Executive Vice President of Academic and Research Affairs at UTHealth, provided opening remarks about the seven year history of this competition, and the growing importance of interprofessional teamwork in healthcare. Five interprofessional student teams then presented the results of their semester-long projects before a panel of five faculty judges with expertise in geriatrics/gerontology.
After orientation, an introduction to team dynamics, and a three-hour training session on Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias in January, each team visited a pre-assigned assisted living or long term care facility over the course of three months to perform a needs assessment with formal caregivers of patients with dementia. With the results of the needs assessment, the teams then designed programs and made recommendations that would help in reducing compassion fatigue and improve job quality. Facilities who welcomed the student teams were St. Dominic Village, Belmont Village, and The Forum at Memorial Woods.

Each team produced a written plan that described the results of the needs assessment, outlined their plans and recommendations, and included journals from their facility visits and team interactions In their 12-minute competition presentations, teams used multiple methods of presentation from video footage, short skits, role play, posters, Prezis, and PowerPoint presentations to summarize their findings. Each team was judged on their written product and their live presentation; judging criteria included knowledge, innovation, critical thinking, quality, completeness, evidence of interprofessional approaches, and ability to summarize. After the closest scoring outcome in the history of the Interprofessional Student Competition, the judges declared Team 5, The Burn Outs, as the winning team. The Burn Outs’ faculty liaison was Nahid Rianon, MD, DrPH, H-GEC faculty member, who commented on the incredible chemistry and teamwork The Burn Outs displayed over the course of their three month project. Other H-GEC faculty members served as team liaisons and judges.

This year’s student competition produced a satisfaction level of 91%, the highest percentage since the first year of operation, in 2008. One student commented that the competition was “good practice for [their] future careers because medicine and health […] problems require an interdisciplinary approach.”

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