The Weatherhead PET Imaging Center

Welcome to the Weatherhead PET Imaging Center for Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

The Weatherhead PET Imaging Center is a unique State of the Art Imaging Center dedicated to the Prevention and Reversal of Heart Disease by combining the most advanced, scientific technology and principles with individualized personal care.

PET stands for Positron Emission Tomography, an accurate non-invasive technology for visualizing blood flow in the heart muscle supplied by the coronary arteries. PET can be an alternative to invasive tests such as cardiac catheterization or can help physicians determine when more invasive procedures such as coronary artery stents or coronary artery bypass surgery are absolutely necessary.

The Weatherhead PET Center is where PET Imaging of the heart was first developed and continues to be the most advanced center for helping physicians solve complicated patient management problems. We have specialized software for measuring quantitative coronary blood flow and can interpret those measurements applying the results to your specific patient’s clinical situation.  ‹ more›