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Century Health Study

The University of Texas Medical School and Memorial Hermann Hospital are collaborating on advanced treatment of heart disease in the CENTURY HEALTH STUDY. It is a 5 year clinical research study looking at lifestyle factors, preventive health teaching and advanced heart imaging for treating and preventing coronary heart disease

Simple measures such as healthy eating, weight control, and physical fitness markedly reduce heart attacks. We believe that comprehensive program supporting these healthy lifestyles in addition to careful medications and invasive procedures when only absolutely necessary will be most effective in treating and preventing heart disease.

The study takes place at the Weatherhead P.E.T. Center for Preventing and Reversing Atherosclerosis (heart disease) located in Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. We began in March 2009 and plan to enroll 1300 patients. AS OF JANUARY 15, 2017,  THE CENTURY STUDY HAS STOPPED ENROLLING NEW PATIENTS.