drive toward valet parking        drive toward valet parking        follow drive as it curves left        valet park and keep your ticket
entrance into Memorial Hermann Hospital
entrance into Memorial Hermann Hospital
proceed down hall to the atrium
turn left at atrium
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continuing left, look right for escalator        continue left and look right for escalator        take escalator down        arrive at destination

Access Valet Parking from Fannin Street Entrance.

  • On Fannin Street, take the first right after Ross Sterling Avenue (see image of steps 1 , 2 and 3)
  • Follow the drive way curve to the left (see image of step 4)
  • Please valet park at the hospital valet parking entrance on Fannin Street and keep your ticket. Your parking fee will be paid for your study visit (see image of step 5)
  • Enter Main Entrance of Memorial Hermann - TMC (see image of step 6)
  • Proceed straight to the atrium (see image of step 7)
  • Turn left at the atrium (see image of step 8)
  • Continue left at atrium; look to your right for a set of escalators (see image of step 9)
  • Take escalator down to Weatherhead P.E.T. Center (see image of step 10)
  • The Weatherhead P.E.T. Center is immediately in front of you as you exit the escalator, and it is next to the Memorial Hermann Hospital chapel (see image of step 11)
  • Arrive at destination (see image of step 12)

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