For Patients

What are the benefits?

Simple measures such as healthy eating and physical fitness markedly reduce heart attacks.

By enrolling in the Century Health Study, you will be evaluated by a team of specialists looking at lifestyle factors that may increase your risk for heart disease.

You could benefit from this trial by receiving free electrocardiograms, exercise treadmill stress tests, diet evaluations, clinic visits, and a complete cholesterol profile. The results of these tests will be given to you and your primary care physician.

Please note: If you are in the STARS group, your P.E.T. scan report will be given to you and your doctor at the end of the fifth year. However, during your P.E.T. scan visits, you will be notified if any life threatening results are found.

This study also could benefit society by proving more efficient, cost-effective ways of diagnosing and treating coronary heart disease.

Taking part in this study may help other people with risk factors, or with heart disease get better care and hopefully attain a century of well being.


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