For Patients

What are the costs involved to be in this study?

There are no costs to you for any of the tests, diet evaluations, physician consultations or clinic visits. Lab work done during each of the three P.E.T. scan study visits will be free. Parking costs for each of your visits will be paid by the Century Study. Please note: If you have a medication change due to your cholesterol levels, you will need to have additional blood work done to evaluate your cholesterol and liver function. You and/or your insurance will be responsible for payment for any extra blood tests that are recommended for routine clinical monitoring. The costs of these potential interim blood tests are not paid by the Century Health Study.





This image contains information for contacting Century Health Study, including a link to the pre-screening form, the patient brochure and a contact phone number 713-500-5200 and the email address Meet our Patients. Save a Life. video presentation Email for Century Health Study runners