Highlights of the Century Health Study

  • Male or female patients age 40 or above with a history of stable CAD (coronary artery disease) or 2-3 risk factors for coronary artery disease are eligible to participate
  • The study will take place over 5 years and will compare 2 strategies for treating heart disease; both involve lifestyle change and medications.
  • Special imaging of the heart called Positron Emission Tomography (P.E.T.) will be done on all patients to test whether it guides their treatment more effectively.
  • Patients should be able to exercise and a treadmill test will be done for those who have not had one recently.
  • Patients are randomly assigned to one of two Groups, for simplicity we call them
  • STARS (Standard Optimal Care Group) or STRIPES (P.E.T.- guided Intense care group)
  • All P.E.T. imaging, exercise testing, and study visits are done at no cost to patient
  • Continuing communication is provided for support of patients’ primary physician in ongoing patient care.


This image contains information for contacting Century Health Study, including a link to the pre-screening form, the patient brochure and a contact phone number 713-500-5200 and the email address ms.century@uth.tmc.edu Meet our Patients. Save a Life. video presentation Email for Century Health Study