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Food and Heart Disease

Food and Heart Disease

Guidelines for <10% fat diet (10-20gms per day)

No Fat

No oils, whole milk products, whole eggs, red meat, fatty salad dressings, fast food, fatty cereals, sauces, fried food.


Sources of no or low protein: no fat yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese slices, other cheese, skim milk, fish, beans, non fat processed meats, veggie burgers, yolk free eggs, buffalo, turkey or chicken breast, protein powder supplements.


Reduce bulk carbohydrates to achieve lean body mass or maintain ideal weight: rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, cereal, alcohol, fruit juice,bananas, pastry, candy


Fresh, multiple kinds, bulk of food, with protein; three fruits per day always with a protein source


On protein foods, multiple meals

Read labels for

No fat or 2 to 3gms/serv, particularly cheese, salad dressing, milk products, protein foods, cereals