The Weatherhead PET Imaging Center
The PET Imaging Center

PET and the Heart

How is a PET scan done?

The PET scan is a non-invasive outpatient test that is performed at the Weatherhead PET Imaging Center in Memorial Hermann Hospital. After a brief interview with a registered nurse, the patient is positioned in the donut-shaped camera while pictures of the heart are taken at rest and under a medication induced stress condition. The test itself takes about 1½ hours. Patients referred by their private physician will be released and a full report of the results will be sent to their physician.

For an additional consultation fee, or for self-referred patients, the visit will include a detailed medical evaluation, review of the PET results, review of any other medical data brought in, and review of potential treatment needed by medical director K. Lance Gould, M.D. If the consultation is included, the complete visit will take approximately 3 hours.