The Weatherhead PET Imaging Center

Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

Conventional Treatments for CAD

Most treatment efforts for CAD have focused on mechanical efforts to open blocked coronary arteries such as coronary angioplasty (balloon and stents) or bypass surgery. In the past, medical treatments have only focused on medicines to control the blood pressure and chest pain. None of these treatments address the real cause of the disease, which is a buildup of cholesterol inside the walls of the arteries restricting the amount of blood that can flow through.

Although invasive procedures are an important necessary part of emergency treatment during a heart attack, medical management of coronary disease using medications and lifestyle treatment have now emerged as an important addition or the primary treatment regimen. Strong economic incentives and traditional approaches to cardiovascular medicine incur excessive, expensive procedures and use older, inaccurate exercise testing leading to unnecessary procedures with 25% or more of coronary arteriograms being normal and therefore an unnecessary cost.

Cardiac PET and vigorous reversal treatment are powerful alternatives to traditional approaches for treating coronary heart disease at cost reductions of 20% to 50% compared to standard cardiology practice emphasizing coronary arteriography, balloon dilation stents and bypass surgery.

Although current published medical literature and Dr. Gould’s personal clinical experience with many patients support the effectiveness and safety of this approach, some risk of coronary events or worsening chest pain may remain as with balloon dilation or bypass surgery.