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Start Fresh

Following a healthy diet is actually much easier than in the past due to better knowledge and the increased availability of healthy low-fat foods. One of the keys to changing dietary habits is to keep an open mind and be willing to try new products. Stock your kitchen with healthy foods and replace some of the unhealthy foods with healthy substitutes. Remember, even though some foods are low in fat, they all have calories. So too much attention to low fat but not total calories can keep you from losing weight too.

The first step in converting life-long dietary habits is to recognize the factors underlying your eating choices. The motivations behind food choices are complex, driven by genetics, hormones, upbringing, traditions, habits, physical activity, social exchange or pressures, food availability, emotions, stresses, and essentially all the behavior and activity of living. Choosing the right food may not be a simple matter since it may e related to any or all of these facto