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Restaurant Dining Tips

Sticking to a low-fat healthy diet seems easier at home, when you are choosing the food. However, it is important to stick with a healthy diet even when you eat out or in restaurants. Below are some tips for healthier restaurant dining or eating out.

Plan your Meals. Know the restaurants that are in your area and study the menus so that you know which items are low in fat and can be ordered. Don’t wait until you are at the restaurant and hungry since your choice will then be made by your stomach, not your brain.

When you arrive at the restaurant, don’t look at the menu. It’s too tempting. Order one of the pre-selected items or just tell the waiter/waitress what you want without the menu, how you want it cooked, grilled or baked, with steamed vegetables, no starches, without any added oils. Let him know courteously that if it is greasy or loaded with oil, you will send it back to the kitchen but if right, he will earn a big tip. He will feel rewarded for serving what you want and will remember you.

Stick to one of the basic “Gould Diet” rules - don’t let yourself get too hungry before eating. Before attending a banquet or social situation with lots of tempting food, snack on some protein food with fruit or vegetables with low fat dip or drink a glass of water before going to the occasion so that you can more readily control your food choices and or volume. Request that no bread or chips be brought to the table since they are loaded with extra calories.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a container to go. Just because you are served a huge helping of food does not mean you have to eat it all in one setting. Split it with your dining partner or take it home for a next day’s meal. Stretching the food stretches (slims) your body.