The Weatherhead PET Imaging Center

The Patient Newsletter

The PET News is a bi-annual newsletter published for the patients and friends of the Weatherhead PET Imaging Center for the Prevention and Reversal of Heart Disease.

  • The Patient Newsletter | Autumn 2009
    Preventing Heart Disease. . . The Next Generation.,When does heart disease start? and Lessons Learned from Family Groups
  • The Patient Newsletter | Spring 2009
    Non-invasive Cardiac Imaging Part 2, “Percent Stenosis or Blood Flow in CAD-a Shift if Cardiology Thinking” and Suggestions for the Nighttime Nibbler
  • The Patient Newsletter | Autumn 2008
    A Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging Part 1, “Comparison of PET, CT and MRI” Heart Star-Cliff Scates, Lp(a), Stress and Heart Disease
  • The Patient Newsletter | Autumn 2005
    Endothelial Dysfunction, Living with Blood Thinning Medications, The Importance of a Good Breakfast
  • The Patient Newsletter | Spring 2005
    EF-the Pumping Function of the Heart, Heart Star (James Keffer), Tips for Sticking with a Daily Workout Routine
  • The Patient Newsletter | Autumn 2004
    Collaterals-The Natural Bypass, Corner Pharmacy-Zetia, Heart Star (Charles Beecher) Food Portions
  • The Patient Newsletter | Spring 2004
    Heart Scans vs. PET Scans, Corner Pharmacy-Beta Blockers, Heart Star (Ray Bearden) Should I drink alcohol?
  • The Patient Newsletter | Autumn 2003
    Exercise-A Healthy Addiction, Heart Star (Bob Casson) C-reactive Protein (CRP) Corner Pharmacy-Anticoagulation Therapy
  • The Patient Newsletter | Spring 2003
    Coronary Artery Disease 101, Corner Pharmacy-tips for taking Niacin, Heart Star-(Raymond Lozano) “How many Carbs should I eat?”
  • The Patient Newsletter | Autumn 2002
    Hormone Replacement Therapy, Corner Pharmacy –Statin Drugs, Heart Star (Monty Lang), Making Time for Exercise
  • The Patient Newsletter | News special
    Major Cardiology Journal Publishes Benefits of Intense Lifestyle combined with Drug Treatment in Heart Disease
  • The Patient Newsletter | Spring 2002
    Antioxidant vitamins May Not Benefit Heart Patients, Berkeley Heart Lab Explanation, Corner Pharmacy-How to Reduce your Medications, ACE Inhibitors for Blood Pressure, Heart Star (Donald Jones) Restaurant Dining Tips
  • The Patient Newsletter | Autumn 2001
    Risks and Benefits of Cholesterol Lowering Drugs, Heart Star (Al Weatherhead) Food Article-What Can I Eat?
  • The Patient Newsletter | Winter 2000
    Introduction to PET News-History of PET Center