Appointments - Postdoctoral Research Fellow (PRF)

Appointments, salary and status changes of PRFs must be processed through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) and approved by the Director.  Complete instructions for appointments and related procedures are outlined below. 

Definition - A Postdoctoral Research Fellow (PDF) is an individual who holds a PhD, MD, other terminal doctorate, or equivalent degree and who is selected to receive advanced research training under the guidance of a mentor holding a primary faculty appointment at the University.  PRFs are not observers or volunteers (see HOOP Policy 125 Observers and HOOP Policy 159 Volunteers). 
Job Title - The job title “Postdoctoral Research Fellow” is to be assigned for all appointments meeting the definition above.   This title must be used throughout the appointment letter and on the Appointment Worksheet.
Job Codes - The job code for PRFs paid through UTHealth payroll is 0990.  The job code for PRFs paid through external sources (e.g. home country / institution) is 0990SP. "Predoctoral Fellows" who have completed all course work and are only pending defense may be eligible for appointments through this office using the job code 0324. Contact the OPA for details.
Appointment - Postdoctoral research fellowship positions are temporary, usually for a duration of six years or less. PRF appointments are generally restricted to those who have received a terminal degree within the past seven years.
Compensation - PRFs are considered employees and must receive compensation.  Exceptions will be considered for PRFs receiving compensation directly from an outside source (e.g. fellowships, home country / institution).  Personal funds are not considered compensation.  

Salary Adjustment

Sponsorship of a Postdoctoral Research Fellow Appointment

1. Salary Adjustment letter

2. Appointment of US Citizen or Permanent Resident letter. For those on F1 OPT/EAD appointments*use this template, adding visa type and the expiration date.

If visa sponsorship is required, instructions can be accessed on the Inside UTHealth site of the Office of International Affairs - Exchange Visitors - J1.

I-983 STEM OPT Form Training (7/16 version) informational website. (Note: The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs must complete the Employer Information and Employer Certification sections of Training Plans.) Contact Leslie Beckman for an appointment.

The Postdoctoral Appointment Request Worksheet

Initial Appointment Worksheet

Extension/Amendment of Current Appointment Worksheet

A Current CV
The CV must be current and indicate the date the doctoral/terminal degree was granted. Note: If the appointment is being filed prior to the granting of the terminal degree, provide an official statement from the institution confirming the anticipated date of completion. 
Copy of Diploma and Credential Evaluation Requirement
1. A copy of the diploma / certification of highest degree with an English translation if necessary. 2. A certified credentials evaluation is required and must document a U.S. equivalency to a doctoral degree. Information on credentialing can be found on the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services Note: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) does not endorse any of the listed companies and they have been provided only as suggestions.*UTHealth Human Resources Requirement

Submit your approval packet containing the above documents to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at MSE R256. Department contact name and phone number must accompany all approval packets. It is suggested that you contact The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs prior to submitting documents.