Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1.  How do you apply for a Postdoc Research Fellow (PRF) position? 

All hiring processes are handled directly between the PI, their department and the candidate.  Check the open positions on this website and contact the hiring PI as indicated.

2.  After being made an offer, what other procedures are required for employment? 

You will need to work with your hiring department on the following:

  • Obtain the appropriate visa if you are not a US citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Completion of a criminal background check
  • Completion of sanctions/exclusions check
  • Complete of a health screen

3.  When may I join the Certificate Training Program? 

All PRFs are eligible for the Program the first semester available after their hire date. 

4.  What do I need to register for the Certificate Training Program? 

You will first need to complete and application and a related questionnaire.  Once you have obtained your student number, you must obtain official documents from the institution from which you received your terminal degree, you must clear your student health hold and Office of International Affairs hold if applicable. 

5.  What will I need to complete after the initial process? 

You will only need to complete a simple semester enrollment form, available in our office.

6.  Is there a limit on the duration of my postdoctoral training? 

UTHealth has a 6 year limit on postdoc positions within the university.

7. What benefits are available to Postdoc Research Fellows? 

Most PRFs receive the benefits of a “classified” employee.  You must discuss this with your hiring PI / Department.

8.  What career training will I receive outside the lab? 

Along with the Certificate Training Program, UTHealth partners with other Texas Medical Center institutions in both scientific and career pathway training.  The UTH – PDA Postdoctoral Association host monthly events and other programs throughout the year.
9.  Is there counseling and support available to me? 

You have access to the UTH Employees Assistance Program (EAP) services. The EAP offers a variety of services including counseling sessions with a licensed mental health professional, legal and financial resources, and WorkLife referrals.
10.  What transportation is available to me?

There is free shuttle service through the Texas Medical Center  Also, Houston public transportation is available at low costs and provides easy access to the Texas Medical Center and surrounding areas. - For information on Texas Drivers Licenses and ID cards visit -