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Postdoctoral Certificate Training Program

It is the goal of UTHealth to attract first-rate researchers and provide them with an outstanding Postdoctoral training experience. The Postdoctoral Certificate Program serves to augment laboratory training in an effort to better prepare Postdoctoral Fellows for their future endeavors in science. Each semester Postdoctoral Fellows will enroll in courses though the Registrar’s Office. It is a 2 year, 15 semester credit hour, program. The Program includes semester long classes in Responsible Conduct in Research, Career Development, Communication Skills and Teaching Skills. An elective of choice will provide supplemental instruction in a specialized area of interest to the Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Upon completion of fifteen hours of coursework, a certificate will be awarded.

Application Instructions

IMPORTANT NOTE: The application form is not available on line. You must receive it directly from the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.  

To obtain an application you can e-mail Leslie Beckman or call directly at (713) 500-6612 or e-mail Michelle Foskett or call directly at (713) 500-5608.  The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is located in the Medical School Expansion Building MSE R 256.  The Office is happy to assist you in way in completing all of the required forms. 

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