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The PDA Executive Committee 2018 - 2019


Callie Kwatler, Ph.D.
Department of Internal Medicine - Medical Genetics

I currently work in Dianna Milewicz’s lab in the department of Internal Medicine studying the molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular disease. Previously, I did my graduate work here at UTHealth GSBS, again in the Milewicz lab, and I did a previous postdoc in Thomas Carroll’s lab at UT Southwestern in Dallas working on kidney development. I joined the postdoctoral association as a way to meet other postdocs and also to build my CV.

Pedro Miramón, Ph.D. - PDA Chair Emeritus, Social Media Chair and LGBT Allience Co-Chair
Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

I am originally from Mexico City. I obtained my Ph.D. in Germany in 2013 and moved to Houston in February 2014. I joined Dr. Lorenz lab in the Microbiology department, where I study how Candida albicans is able to resist the attack of phagocytes and utilize host components for growth and pathogenesis. I became interested in the activities sponsored by the Postdoctoral Association (PDA) since they provide and excellent environment for networking. I participated as a reviewer for the Travel Award in 2014 and then joined the PDA executive committee in 2015. I was runner-up for the Dean’s Excellence in Research Award in 2016. In August 2016 I started as the chair (president) of the PDA.

Executive Committee

Vice Chair - Natalie Sirisaengtaksin, Ph.D.

Secretary - Rachel Bosserman Ph.D.

Dean's Award Natalie Sirisaengtaksin, Ph.D.

Travel Awards - Clara Sinel Ph.D and Abhijnan Chattopadhyay Ph.D

Volunteer Coordinator - Amelie Pinard, Ph.D. and Zhen Zhou Ph.D.

Names and photos of other members coming soon.





APSC 2019 - Jessika Ocampo, MD.,* Ozgur Karakuzu Ph.D.,* Yasmin Chebaro, Ph.D, Andrew Pountain, Ph.D., Clara Sinel, Ph.D.

* Event Chairs