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The UTHealth Multimedia Scriptorium was organized around 1997. While looking for an appropriate name for the team, the team manager had the awesome opportunity to travel to France on vacation, where she toured the scriptorium at Mont St. Michel (pictured on these pages). The name and work done there were the inspiration for the team's name.

Students today are quite different from their counterparts years ago. Student learning today still includes lecture and notes, but also integrates computing, data, networks, and digitally enabled sensors, as well as observation, collaboration, social networking and experimentation with new and changing technology. New capabilities are evolving for educational simulation, real-time data collection and decisioning. Students are able to overcome issues of time and place. They share content, collaborate, meet online, customize their learning and get assistance from experts, literally anywhere, anytime.

As the type of students change, so does the role of educators and educational institutions, and, of course, the processes by which students and scholars share knowledge. This results from the coalescence of human knowledge into a dynamic, interactive repository, the National Information Infrastructure (NII), accessible by virtually anyone at any place and at any time.

What has evolved is the development of more “virtual” learning experiences that allow for hands-on practice and testing to actively engage the student in learning, imagination and discovery.

UTHealth is dedicated to utilizing a repository to provide the highest quality education possible in the health sciences. In addition, UTHealth is committed to the development of scholarly courseware and content for the repository that is designed to meet the specific needs of the health sciences.

The Multimedia Scriptorium is a creative resource that facilitates this mission. The Multimedia Scriptorium team assists the university in development of a variety of projects ranging from complex course-ware to simply designed departmental Web pages. The team provides some fee-for-service work, as well as contributing their time to worthy projects at no charge.

The Multimedia Scriptorium (MmS) is: People, Expertise, Passion, Provisions

People: The MmS is part of Academic Technology (AT). AT can provide server space for UTHealth groups, plus some general instructions on the use and capabilities of the provisions with the MmS lab.

Expertise: The staff includes a teacher, trainers, artist, database developers/programmer, and an animator. Other AT staff members are brought in as needed.

Passion: In order to do anything well, you must be passionate about it, and the staff of the MmS is passionate about their work. Today, anyone can make a website, but developing a web course and interactive online tools are skill where we feel we can help you.

Provisions: A lab area, with computers, a scanner, digitizing equipment, loads of software, samples, how-to walk-throughs and more, are available to University faculty, staff and students at no charge. For more information contact the AT office at 713 500 3502.