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(and other Scriptorium created documents))

"In every job that must be done there is an element of fun,
you find the fun and SNAP, the job's a game."
--- Mary Poppins

We DO like to have fun!
Below are some links that we find to be helpful, fun, entertaining or just plain useful!

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Benefits Newsletters (the archive of the newsletter, which goes back about one year. See also, MyUTBenefits for the login to your coverage.)


The Courses page (a list of some of the eLearning or learningware documents created by Academic Technology)

CSS rounded corners examples and code

HTML Color Picker select color, pick darker/lighter shades of any color.

Colors Values and CSS get a basic understanding of current color values, and alpha transparency declarations for RGBA and HSLA.


The best font to use for each situation, at least according to Smashing Magazine.


The graphic guide to campus graphic, editorial and Web standards (link only works internal to the university)



My UT Benefits (formerly UT Touch, the link to enroll, update and view your coverage)


Shuttle map (a link to GPS location of campus shuttles - what a way to go - go around campus, that is!)


Time Clock Calculator Online (Plug in the hours and minutes here and let it calculate for you how much time you were at work.)

Twitter UTHouston (just to know what are all the on-going researches and breakthroughs happening in the UT community)


WorkLife Resources (balance in all things!)