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Learning Technologies Working Group Speakers and their notes

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  • Suggested colors, layouts, how to get a logo, what needs approving, etc. These were the topics discussed this month. For more information about the university standards, check out the Graphic Guide. We've had this for many years, but it moved to inside the university, accessible with your LDAP ID. The guide is called many things (editorial standards, Web standards, etc.) and is found at
  • These topics must be considered when using examples of patients in classes; we all know this point. What some had not considered was the use of technology in learning to discuss cases between instructors and students. Where do electronics discussion have to reside? Can we do this by emails? How about a Google form? Must the form be in zone 100 or just the database? Several scenarios were read and discussed. (scenarios were previewed before the meeting by Christina Solis).
  • This session was an introduction for some to Picasa, GoogleEarth and Panoramio, GoogleDocs forms and output, and Google Maps (for fun, we got directions from 7000 Fannin to Honolulu, HI).
  • Continued discussions on Teaching and Learning Day, and the possibility of tacking it onto TNDF or UTAHSE meetings.
  • There was no meeting this month due to summer pressure on year-end needs for all depts.
  • This session was supposed to focus on programs we learned about during the EDUCAUSE:Mobile Computing 5-Day Sprint, but we began talking about campus needs and decided to begin the process of putting on Teaching and Learning Day (following what Cynthia Phelps had begun) and focusing on needs of campus faculty.
  • since we were asked for more examples ... here we go!
  • Creating an avatar - this encore will run before the meeting
  • Changes to SL, good and bad
  • Example sites
  • What is Second Life
  • Creating an avatar
  • Some SL sites that are education related
  • SL sites used by UTHealth

Carlos Zepeda- HTML5, October 5, 2010

  • At our next meeting we will building on some of the new technology by learning some about HTML5.  The last time the W3C approved and recommended markup language changes was XHTML 1.1 about 9 years ago, so many are excited about the upcoming HTML5.  “Why?”, you may ask. HTML5 includes new tags to continue in the direction of separating content from design. There will be more deprecated tags also, as usual.  But the big deal is that it will improve the APIs for interactivity, multimedia and localization.  Good news, if you are building or iPhone and iPads, you can start using HTML5 now.  If your audience is mostly IE6 or below, your audience isn't there yet, so stay with what you have. Most of us are somewhere in between and if your audience is between these two, you can start learning some now.  Next meeting Carlos Zepeda will give us a demo on HTML5.  I have seen this practical demo before from Carlos, and it is a good one, so make sure to get it on your calendar.

  • related document "How to use HTML5 on your website today" from InfoWorld

Wayne Turner - iPad and iPhone programming, Sept 7, 2010