Brain Awareness



Brain Awareness Week

The Brain Awareness Week campaign, launched in 1996, has united the Society for Neuroscience with The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and a coalition of over 1,200 science, advocacy, and other health organizations that share an interest in elevating public awareness of brain and nervous system research.

The Houston Chapter does not organize Brain Awareness Week activities, but many of its members sponsor activities. The Neuroscience Research Center (Dr. John H. Byrne, director) at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston sponsors an open house for young people at the local Museum of Health and Medical Science, and an annual public forum for discussions related to neuroscience and mental health. Topics of the Public Forum have included:

  • 2012 Rehabilitation: Reecovery, Restoration, and Re-integration
  • 2011 Bipolar Disorder and Depression
  • 2010 Childhood Brain Diseases
  • 2009 Stroke and Vascular Disease
  • 2008 Stem Cells - Their Potential for Neurologic Disease
  • 2007 CNS Trauma and Rehabilitation
  • 2006 Memory
  • 2005 The Aging Brain